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"Beginning in September, Classic Video's store hours are changing: Sunday: 11am to 8pm Monday-Thursday: 9am to 8pm Friday: 9am to 9pm Saturday: 9am to 8pm Are these new hours convenient for you?"

Total Votes: 15
Yes 86%
Not all the time 13%
Will email suggestions to the store 0%

Total Votes: 15

"How / Where do you like to watch a movie?"

Total Votes: 33
Theatre 42%
Home 54%
Cottage 0%
Friend s place 3%
Drive-in 0%
Smartphone 0%
Tablet / Laptop 0%

Total Votes: 33

"What is your favourite category?"

Total Votes: 0
New Releases 0%
Action 0%

Total Votes: 0

"Will you be attending one or more, "Movies in the Square" this Summer?"

Total Votes: 36
Yes 36%
No 22%
Not sure 25%
Waiting for the Official movie playlist. 16%

Total Votes: 36

"What's your favourite movie Category?"

Total Votes: 35
Comedy 11%
Drama 31%
Documentary 5%
War 2%
Westerns 0%
T.V. Series 0%
British T.V. 17%
New Releases 11%
Science Fiction 5%
Horror 11%
Anime 0%
Foreign 0%
Kids 2%

Total Votes: 35

"What's your favourite movie Category?"

Total Votes: 0
Comdey 0%
Comdey 0%

Total Votes: 0

"Will you be watching the some (or all) of the Golden Globes, Grammy's, or the Academy Awards this year?"

Total Votes: 13
Yes 30%
No 38%
Not sure 7%
Will read about them later 23%

Total Votes: 13

"Will you be renting a Festival themed movie through the Holiday season?"

Total Votes: 21
Yes 33%
No 9%
Maybe 23%
Unsure 4%

Total Votes: 21

"When was the last time you went to the movie theatre?"

Total Votes: 27
Within the week 7%
Within the month 22%
Within six months 25%
Within the past year 18%
Over one year ago 14%

Total Votes: 27

"Do you subscribe to one or more streaming service? Eg. Netflix? Crave TV? Shomi?"

Total Votes: 36
Yes 30%
No 36%
Maybe in the future 0%

Total Votes: 36

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Our Poll Question started: 9/17/2017

"November 12th is Classic Video's 30th Anniversary. What should we do to commemorate it?"

Close for the day to celebrate. 0%
Retro pricing to 1987 for the day. 46%
Donate the sales from the day to a charity. 23%
Have balloons, cake, pop available. 38%
Just do nothing. 0%

Votes: 39

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